A backwards campaign for progress

Campaign / Research / Social Media

Self-initiated project (in collaboration with Sarah-Louise Kelly)

On the run up to the 2021 Scottish Parliament election I found it difficult to know which party to vote for (and I decided last time around that I would never vote tactically or strategically again — only for the party who I most aligned to in terms of policies, priorities and the content of their manifesto).

Unfortunately, this particular year every party seemed fairly identical in terms of their high level agenda items (aside from the matter of Independence, which was split down the middle). So I invited my friend, Sarah, on a manifesto diving research mission again.

What was clear for both of us was that even if we weren't particularly wowed by any of the candidates, within seconds of reading the Scottish Conservative & Unionist party manifesto our piss was boiling.

We wanted to make the case for people, using simple examples, that voting Tories will result in worse circumstances for a huge proportion of people in Scotland. And since every party uses echo chamber hashtags to preach to the already converted, we decided to use conservative-facing hashtags in an attempt to infiltrate the very people we're hoping reconsider their stance.

At the very least, a project like this gives a drive to really research party positions, which in turn informs a more confident cross on the ballot forms. And if it makes someone take a moment to rethink and research some more themselves, then even better!