Mon Then

Linocut paddle

Graphic Design / Printing

Created for Spin (as part of Poster Project)

Sp!n is a fundraising exhibition (organised by creative studio, Pim Pam) for the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club (DTTC) that features paddles designed by artists, designers and illustrators from across Scotland.

DTTC is one of the biggest clubs in Britain, with more than 300 members aged between eight and 80 actively playing each week. A key driving force in the Drumchapel Community Sports Hub, the club plays a huge part in the development of the sport in Scotland.

Like the other 40-odd exhibitors, the Poster Project team were given a plain paddle (with the rubber padding removed) and given the go-ahead to do with it whatever we wanted. We felt our submission should do three things: represent table tennis and the club's culture; represent ourselves, posters and design; and help us raise as much money as possible.

Using a word we were supplied with, 'strength', as inspiration, we came up with the concept of 'Mon then' (a taunt or call to battle to wouldbe opponents) and felt this was a perfect fit for the club with it's fun and competitive personality.

We decided to restore the paddle with soft linocut blocks as the padding. The design was seperated onto the two sides for using different colour inks. One side is red, and the other is black - the common padding colours of a standard table tennis bat. In the end this transformed the paddle into a printing press, enabling the owner to produce as many prints of the design as they want.

Using the paddle, we produced a short run of grungy A5 'Mon Then' posters. These will be available to buy at the launch party in a bid to raise a wee bit more for the club.

The opening night offers visitors the chance to meet the artists, learn more about the DTTC and its impact across Scotland and watch some of the club’s players exhibit their skills. All the submitted paddles were purchased throughout the exhibition with all proceeds going to DTTC. A commemorative printed booklet was produced and sold featuring all the paddles of the exhibition.

For more information, visit the PimPam website.