Give Blood

You have it in you

Copywriting / Graphic design / Charity

Self-initiated project (in collaboration with Eilidh MacKay)

The NHS had been facing extra challenges to provide hospitals with the blood they need due to the impact of Covid-19. Giving blood saves lives and the blood you give can end up being a lifeline in an emergency or given to people who need long-term treatments. New blood donors from all backgrounds are desperately required to ensure there is the right blood available for patients who need it most.

Eilidh and I decided to book a appointments together to donate blood at the Louisa Jordan, SEC (and we even managed to snap a socially-distanced selfie on the way). We also wanted to create this imaginary campaign to accompany the trip. In the hope the message might encourage and empower young people in our circles to be an integral part of this crucial and essential service.

I'm O positive, in fact over two million people in Scotland are, making it the most common blood type in this country. And although that's one in every three people, it can actually be received by 76% of the population. This makes it the blood type most commonly requested by hospitals, so donation centres need to ensure a constant supply all year round.

Your blood type is determined by genes inherited from your parents. Whether your blood type is rare, common or somewhere in between, donations are vital in helping save and improve lives. But nearly 400 new donors are required every day to meet demand, because every year about 135,000 people can no longer donate. More young people need to start giving blood so they can make sure there's enough blood supply in the future.

So please, if you're able to, book an appointment today.