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A lockdown learning

Graphic Design / Charity

Created for From Lockdown (a charity poster zine by Ben John Oliphant)

I was kindly invited by Ben — a friend and fellow Glasgow designer — to design a poster based on something I had learned during the last year of being locked down due to the pandemic for a Poster Zine he was planning to do for charity.

Together with Ben, and 26 other creative participants, we each thought about how the Government restrictions on our lives have impacted us. Did we change, grow, or learn about ourselves. Was there a new routine, fitness regime, diet, or shift in personality. Who picked up hobbies, and have any of those hobbies become surprisingly significant parts of our lives now.

Reflecting on the past year I was consistently drawn to the concept of feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic, because that was a prominent theme for me and how I struggled to get through it all. But I wondered if there was a way to convey this along with some kind of resolution or support. I wanted whoever saw the poster, and relate to on a similar level, to meet it with a positive interpretation. For it to stir a feeling of hope or an assurance that their emotions, frustrations, or struggles, are entirely justified.

The posters submitted were turned into a beautiful, printed magazine and sold with the express purpose of raising money for Chris's House. This charity strives to reduce the number of people dying as a result of mental health, offers support to those affected by suicide, and breaks the stigma to create better awareness and understanding around the subject.

I'm both honoured and proud to have been given the opportunity to do this project. Not just for being a part of something entirely aimed at helping people in need, but for pushing me to learn an important lesson for myself; that we can't be all things to all people at all times.

Best of all, this project raised £1,100 for Chris's House.