Bless This...

A cross-stitched poster

Textiles / Graphic design

Collaboration with Miriam Hunter (for Poster Project)

After seeing a cross-stitch piece made by my friend Miriam, I proposed we collaborate on the next Poster Project together. When the word Dynamic was announced we immediately started chatting about how to approach it.

Something we both loved about seeing the various submissions, as they rolled out on Instagram each fortnight, was how completely different each person's take on the same word can be. Specifically, that all the ideas we might have thought to be 'obvious', would rarely ever appear. This gave us the idea for how to generate concepts; by trying to guess what ideas other people might have for their own poster... with the confidence that they almost certainly won't.

The strongest themes were typgraphic quotes or phrases and the idea of a variables - like dynamic elements on a webpage that change depending on the surrounding context. We decided to create a cross-stitched poster akin to those super twee, framed household tropes you see in showhomes and your aunt's house.

After shortlisting potential candidates we settled on "Bless this house" but switching out the last word for a collection of graphical alternatives. We created bespoke stitching patterns and set about producing all the elements, by hand, to complete the finished piece.

We photographed and animated the final artworks to create our submission, but the physical embroideries will be framed and showcased proudly in our homes for many years.

We've made these patterns available for download should you wish to cross-stitch this for yourself.