Better or Worse

An opportunity to learn

Graphic Design / Print

Self-initiated (as part of Poster Project)

I want to keep this one short out of fear of it becoming preachy. I'm not preaching, honest. There were just a number of occassions over this last year where I tried my best to see the positives in what was happening.

One such attempt coincided with a Poster Project brief for the word "cusp" (shown in this Instagram post), where I decided to try and visualise the idea of taking lessons from things we were all being forced to learn.

With less cars on the road, less waste dropped in the streets, less conficts, and less pollution. More exercising, more recycling, more time with the kids, more appreciation for human connection, and more emphasis on hygeine.

I then reworked the poster to be less enviromentally specific, and far more general. Because, as I touched on above, a lot of the lessons I learned weren't one single subject, except maybe "life".



A3 risographs on 250gsm Cyclus (100% recycled stock, made from post-consumer fibres). Two-colour prints of aqua and fluro orange printed by Risotto Studio in Glasgow.

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