A few bottles

Print / Graphic design

Pro bono

I love beer. And I am forever in love with how varied and inspiring their labels can be. I've never had the opportunity to design for a beer client, but have enjoyed designing a few in exchange for some booze.

The above was for homebrewer friend, Guy Phenix, as he bottled up two unique stouts at the same time. A Stout and B Stout. The labels are very simple, and cut to form the respective letters.

Originally inspired by the sudden surge in political awareness throughout Scotland in the run-up to the independence referendum in 2014, curator and established illustrator, Marco Bevilacqua, invites artists to create and submit work that exhibited in Edinburgh. Above shows two labels I created for different Pissed Modernism exhibitions.

Above was for another of Guy's creations, Brett Bomb. A nice simple Marris Otter and Glasgow hops SMaSH (Single malt and single hop ale) that created an insane sour bomb with a Glasgow angle. The label is honest and direct as well as playful and a little unpleasant.