Alzheimer Scotland

Action on dementia

Graphic Design / Motion Graphics / Charity

Work created for Poster Project (on behalf of Front Page)

During the COVID-19 lockdown Front Page offered to do pro bono work for charities needing help during the crisis. Alzheimer Scotland was one of the charities they wanted to help out and decided to gain some awareness by making them the subject of one of their Poster Project open submissions; asking designers to create posters inspired by the organisation's core principles.

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I wanted to show video through some kind of a distorted lens as an abstract representation of Alzheimer's and dementia. Using a kaleidoscopic effect kept reality in proportion but made it difficult to always recognise or work out exactly what is going on.

I created a unique "prism" for each of the four principles and incorporated the brand colours. Supportive uses triangles for strength and stability; Innovative uses upward arrows for improvement and progress; Bold uses a starburst to show energy and impact; and Compassionate uses concentric circles to softly convey depth and relationship.

The footage is displaced and out of sync while colours fade in and out, momentarily obscuring each of the segments, to show a kind of breakdown in communication inspired by the brains cell nerves not all functioning correctly or in connection with each other.