Whisky Blender

In the summer of 2011 my friend, Andy Davidson, and I created a website allowing people to create their very own personalised custom bottle of Scotch whisky.

Visit whiskyblender.com


A WeeWorld app I conceived and designed that slaps stickers onto photos creating funny images to share with friends.

Visit SlapSticker.me


Making up almost half of my working career - an avatar-based massive multi-player online social network with aliases known as WeeMees.

Visit weeworld.com/about

High Kings

Created by developer geniuses, Jason Frame and Lewis McKenzie, this is an iPhone version of the world's original board game (Tafl) which I created all the graphics for.

Undergoing updates

Glencairn Crystal

I've been involved in various Glencairn projects over the years including business cards, websites, Tshirts, engravings, banners and more.

Visit glencairn.co.uk


A quick little app in response to all the profile pictures that started appearing with "Yes" stickers on them in support of Scottish Independence.

Visit yas.pics

Vague Space

I've been playing drums in a true Scottish indie rock band for over a decade. Always a good excuse to design posters and Tshirts.

Visit vaguespace.co.uk

The Clean Up

A fun wee project where my only involvement was to create level designs (in terms of supplying images for platforms and backgrounds).

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