Andrew Nicolson


Designer living in Glasgow with over 10 years working experience - ranging from freelancer to university tutor - and an ever-growing passion for creating 'stuff' whatever it may be.

Glasgow Dictionary

Simple wee app designed to allow users to learn one Weegie word for each letter of the alphabet (complete with photo, definitions, explanation and pronunciation soundbite.

Glasgow Dictionary Glasgow Dictionary Glasgow Dictionary


Inspired by the adorably simplistic illustrations by Heather Miller, I initiated and designed this simple avatar-maker (built by Grant Kerr). So cute!

QikPic QikPic QikPic


A quick little app in response to all the profile pictures that started appearing with "Yes" stickers. Built by the talented Mr Iain Smith.

Yas Yas Yas


Another personal project with the amazing Grant Kerr, this time a single-word review app allowing people to view and submit words to describe a film.

Wunwurd Wunwurd Wunwurd


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