Andrew Nicolson

Designer living in Glasgow with over 12 years working experience. Senior Digital Designer at Front Page.

Mickey's 90th

Crowd sourced poster

Graphic design

Work created for Poster Project

Taking a bit of a gamble – that the similarities of crowd sourced Mickey Mouse drawings (from ninety different people) would far outweigh the differences – paid off as I combined them all to create one unmistakable Mickey head. This poster was designed to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday.

Front Page

Design agency rebrand

Branding / Logo design / Animation

Work created at Front Page

It's not every day you get to rebrand the company you work for, but that was exactly the opportunity I was given towards the end of 2017 after working at Front Page for almost three years. Working with a small team of colleagues we introduced an entire set of brand guidelines—complete with copy guidelines—to completely redefine the studio.

Whisky Blender

Online virtual blending lab

Web / Product / UI / UX / Print / E-commerce

An Andrews of Bothwell project (plus work created at Front Page)

Designing, building and evolving a website, brand and product whereby people can blend, save, and purchase their own unique blend of whisky. From a drunken chat to a worldwide distributed business enterprise. Product design, front-end development, user interface design, copywriting, print, photography, video production, artworking, marketing, social media... lots.

ANZ: Cabin Viewer

Google Cardboard app

VR app / UI / illustration

Work created at Front Page

Travel agents issued with branded headsets (and directed to download the app) were able to 'physically look around' the interior of Air New Zealand's new aircraft and access key pieces of information about the different features. The packs came with a branded instructional insert with illustrated assembly steps for building their headset.

Lussa Gin

Boutique gin site

Web / Front-end / e-commerce

Work created at Front Page

A simple three-page site showcasing a micro-batch craft gin from the Isle of Jura, with the functionality to purchase using Stripe. It also tells the story of the gin with an accompanying map of the island. One of the ways we stopped the site looking too clean and flat was by photographing pages of fieldnotes to use as overlay dialogs.

Now Showing

Competition and event

Event / Web / Animation / Illustration

Work created at Front Page

What started out as a simple lunchtime chat, Laura Service and I started exploring the idea of running a movie poster competition with an aim to celebrate alternative movie poster art. Thankfully the bosses (and many others) at Front Page shared our enthusiasm and took the project on, supported it, funded it, and ultimately made it all possible.

Glasgow Dictionary

Crowd-sourced content app

App / UI / Project management

Self-initiated project

An app featuring the definition and explanation for 26 commonly used Glasgow words (one for each letter of the alphabet). Each word is accompanied by a photo and a soundbite for pronunciation all sourced via members of a Collaborative Projects group. Twenty-six words, images, sounbites and definitions equates to over a hundred pieces of content contributed from around fifty different people.

The Alba Collection

Adaptive packaging solution

Branding / Print / Packaging / Illustration

An Andrews of Bothwell project

Stylish whisky needed a new packaging solution that would allow them to quickly and easily bring a product to market without spending a long time developing new artwork each time. A series of standard box containers were created in a number of sizes to accomodate any typical product dimensions and item specific sleeve templates were designed to apply when required.

Rum Blender: Journey

Limited edition rum trio

Web / Product / UI / Packaging / Print

Self-initiated project (in collaboration with Lisa Adamson, Laura Service and Emma Fraser)

The challenge was to create a limited edition rum collection that told the story of Rum Blender. The finished creative represents the journey that this rum takes—from where it's made to where it's blended to where it's bottled—in three simple, stylised illustrations. This project received a packaging design commendation from the Drum's Scottish Design Awards in 2016.


Avatar & profile picture maker

App / UI / Logo

Self-initiated project (in collaboration with Heather Miller and Grant Kerr)

Get your creative juices flowing with QikPic! Create endless characters that look like your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, that homeless man or even from your own imagination. Use the characters as your profile picture on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as sharing your characters with your contacts and assigning them as caller IDs.

Andrew Nicolson

Designer living in Glasgow with over 12 years working experience. Senior Digital Designer at Front Page.